PCI ADAPTER: pcd-rp-101CS

gaurav dawra openapproject at hotmail.com
Thu May 13 14:25:07 EDT 2004


well i read the README file and some of the posting from the pavel roskin , 
which were useful for me to understand the drivers needed to make PCI 
adapter working. I still have some questions. I am using pcd-rp-101cs 
adapter from carry USA.com and trying it to work under linux 2.4.20 version. 
The problem i have facing is that i compiled hostap-driver-0.2.1 and made 
the make file which gave me modules hostap.o and hostap_cs.o , i loaded both 
modules and i can see them using "lsmod" command. I restart pccmia serivice 
it starts without any thing printed on screen. NOT EVEN SAY THAT PCMCIA 
SERVICE STARTING( Some problem here or not) . But when i try to do "cardctl 
ident" it says that no pcmcia driver in /proc/device, what does that mean. 
There is no iwconfig, i also restarted the linux . Also to mention that i 
tried the same procedure with hostap-0.0.4.tar.gz but it made three modules 
hostap.o, hostap_crypt.o and hostap_cs.o . Can someone please suggest wht am 
i doing wrong here. This is kind of important as i am struck in my project.

Thanx in advance.


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