802.1x with hostap

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> Is there any information on running HOSTAP as an 802.1x authenticator
> with Open1x as the supplicant?  I want to construct an all-open source
> 802.1x demonstration, using Open1x, HostAP, and FreeRadius.
> Does anyone have sample configuration files they could share?
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I'm working with hostap, freeradius and a trial supplicant for win98.
To run the HostAP Authenticator you have to edit the hostad.conf file from
the hostapd package and execute
 # hostapd hostapd.conf
Refer to the previous post from Alan Dawson
For the freeradius, you have to enable the module eap to get the EAP
protocolo work. Then if you are using the ../etc/raddb/users file in a user
entry you have to put Auth-Type = eap to authenticate via eap that user.
For more info read the /doc/rlm_eap in the freeradius package.
I just run only the eap-md5. Soon I will run the eap-tls.
Good luck.

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