Please, help with the dwl520rev.E firmware!!!

C. Olmsted cliffo at
Mon May 10 18:30:52 EDT 2004

Also, what hardware are you running this on?  Take a look at Andrew's page
if you haven't already as it has lots of good information.

However, I have been using this card with hostap on an AthlonXP 2400+ with
an MSI K7N2-Delta ILSR mobo and have the same troubles.

The only temporary solution for me was to repeatedly upload the primary
firmware (sometimes 200 or 300 attempts) before the "Valid PDA Not Found"
message goes away.  Then, you can complete the rest of the firmware upload
and all is well.

Unfortunately, until a fix is found (or the cause even) this is the only
way I've found to get the card to work in linux.


On Mon, 10 May 2004, Jerry wrote:

> > In my previous posts I didn't get any answer, so please I would thanks a
> lot
> > that somebody help me with this problem
> > I load the module hostap_pci, download the firmware files, and then
> ifconfig
> > wlan0 up.
> > Some times I can't download the firmware, so I reboot the PC and some
> times
> > all wokrs fine, but when I halt the PC, in the next boot the problems
> > appears again.
> > In some cases I have to boot WinXP (yes, I have a winxp partition) to get
> > the card works fine, so then I boot linux and all works fine again.
> > I imagine you are laugh at my case, but it's true. I suppose that the
> winxp
> > driver reinitializes the card so then I can run hostap on linux.
> > Has anybody get into these sort of truble?
> > Has anybody a solution for my case?
> > What are the correct firmware files for my dwl-520 rev.E card?
> I had this problem with the initial releases that supported these cards.  My
> solution was to create a "kill script" that runs at shutdown/reboot.  Mine
> brought the interface down (ifconfig wlan0 down), and then unloaded the
> drivers (rmmod hostap_pci, rmmod hostap_crypt_wep, rmmod hostap).  This
> seems to work for me, as it will reboot and work normally after adding this
> script.
> Jerryf
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