Please, help with the dwl520rev.E firmware!!!

Jerry mrcool at
Mon May 10 18:22:17 EDT 2004

> In my previous posts I didn't get any answer, so please I would thanks a
> that somebody help me with this problem
> I load the module hostap_pci, download the firmware files, and then
> wlan0 up.
> Some times I can't download the firmware, so I reboot the PC and some
> all wokrs fine, but when I halt the PC, in the next boot the problems
> appears again.
> In some cases I have to boot WinXP (yes, I have a winxp partition) to get
> the card works fine, so then I boot linux and all works fine again.
> I imagine you are laugh at my case, but it's true. I suppose that the
> driver reinitializes the card so then I can run hostap on linux.
> Has anybody get into these sort of truble?
> Has anybody a solution for my case?
> What are the correct firmware files for my dwl-520 rev.E card?

I had this problem with the initial releases that supported these cards.  My
solution was to create a "kill script" that runs at shutdown/reboot.  Mine
brought the interface down (ifconfig wlan0 down), and then unloaded the
drivers (rmmod hostap_pci, rmmod hostap_crypt_wep, rmmod hostap).  This
seems to work for me, as it will reboot and work normally after adding this


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