AW: HostAP on Kernel 2.6.5

Pavel Roskin proski at
Mon May 3 15:03:42 EDT 2004

On Mon, 3 May 2004, Daniel Walther wrote:

> Thanks for your answers. I've installed now HostAP 0.1.3 on my Kernel 2.6.5
> Unfortunately I have still some problems. My AP only works in Ad-Hoc
> mode and I can't change is. I don't know why. I've attached you some
> outputs. Perhaps you see the error. I use an Orinoco Gold card!

Orinoco Gold uses an unsupported Hermes chipset.  HostAP requires
Prism2 chipset.  Support for the clone chipsets is very incomplete.
Besides, there is no HostAP mode in the Hermes chipset.

Please use Orinoco driver instead (  It
works with Hermes, Spectrum24 Trilogy and Prism chipsets.  It doesn't
support master mode.

If you want AP functionality you could try HermesAP
( or the Agere driver
(, but neither was ported to 2.6
kernels yet.

Pavel Roskin

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