MAC 81:58:68:fa:81:58

Sorin PAUN Laurentiu-Sorin.Paun at
Mon May 3 04:43:20 EDT 2004

Dear all,

Have you ever heard about this strange MAC address: 81:58:68:fa:81:58 ?

I'm working on buffering packets for a station on the new AP it will 
connect to,using some facilities of ARP, and just trying to see how it 
works without the buffers, I see:

A distant host sends UDP packets to the station via the new AP, which 
operate as a router, 50ms before the station get associated. On the 
router I see packets go the wlan0 interface immediately, not sent to the 
real MAC address of the client, but to 81:58:68:fa:81:58 (captured with 
tcpdump&ethereal on wlan0 interface). This MAC is independent to the 
real MAC address of the client, I tried more clients.

Also, I found packets sent

And surprize, the client ge these packets 50ms later, the packets being 
addressed to the MAC 81:58:68:fa:81:58 too...


Ph.D. candidate, IMAG Grenoble, France.

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