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Nebojsa Micovic micovic at
Sun May 2 06:19:57 EDT 2004

Hi Christopher ...

  bridge1                               bridge2
eth0-wlan0  ---------------------- wlan0-eth0

in my experience, this two bridges can comunicate only if both
have wlan0 in Master mode and WDS turned ON and bridged.
Soo YES, please if you know how to bridges can comunicate 
and one of them is Master and second Managed, 
(or even better in Ad-Hoc)

This problem tryed:
Me; Gonzalez Carpio, Javier ; Pedro Ramalhais ; ...

And ...

Jim TerWee said
"If I am reading your diagram correctly you are trying to bridge on a
wireless card in managed mode. Doesn't work that way you can only bridge
wireless cards in master mode. You could do wds with both cards in then it
will do what you want."

Jouni Malinen said
"The frame format used in IEEE 802.11 does not allow a station that has
associated with an AP to send frames with foreign source MAC address.
However, this is required for layer 2 bridge and consequently, IEEE
802.11 station in managed mode cannot operate as such a device."

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