Only works if I use particular command line options.

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Mon Dec 27 09:41:24 EST 2004

On Mon, Dec 27, 2004 at 11:21:04AM +0100, Brande wrote:

> proxy arp might also help and some people thing there might be a 
> possibility with a special firmware for prism based cards oder you need 
> a complete version of the hcf library which controls every function of 
> the card and also allows accessing the card´s RAM. To get this full 
> version Lucent wants to know that it will be a financial win for them, 
> also you have to sign an NDA. So be sure that you won´t most probably 
> get access to this peace of software until Lucent does not change its 
> mind in this (which I doubt never will happen).

And how exactly would that help with _protocol_ limitations?

What on earth does Lucent and hcf has to do with Intersil (well,
Conexant) Prism2? If you take a look at the driver, it does not use any
hcf library and has direct access to whatever the firmware is providing.
Furthermore, this thread was actually about an Atheros card..

> Tunnel your traffic through a virtual tunnel like cipe or vtun.  Vtun's 
> probably the easiest way to do it.
> IP routing and WDS could also help maybe there is also a possibility 
> using the bridge filters but I have no idea how.

WDS link is the only way to do layer two bridging for non-access point
device in IEEE 802.11 network. If it is enough to do somewhat similar
functionality on higher level (IP routing with Proxy ARP, etc.), that
can of course be done on top of more or less any IP connection.

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