ifplugd and wpa_supplicant

Andrew Barr barr.156 at osu.edu
Mon Dec 20 19:13:09 EST 2004

I am using ifplugd to automatically configure my network connection
after wpa_supplicant completes authentication. The adapter is a
PRO/Wireless 2100 from Intel, using the ipw2100 driver version 1.0.2.
There is a bug in the driver -- see
http://www.bughost.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=245 for more information
-- that causes connectivity to be lost on my system after a few minutes.
As stated on the bug page, using 'wpa_cli reassociate' should fix that
incidence of the problem, but in my configuration that causes ifplugd to
bring the interface down and causes wpa_supplicant to quit, even with -w
specified on the command line. This is a problem both when wlan and
ethtool are used as the ifplugd link detection API modes. Right now, the
only way to get back on line is to stop wpa_supplicant via it's init
script, wait for ifplugd to react by bringing down the interface, and
start wpa_supplicant back up again. This is much more complex than just
issuing a reassociate command with wpa_cli, something that could be
mapped to a hotkey in X if it worked. Is there any way to get
wpa_supplicant to work better with ifplugd? wpa_supplicant is 0.3.1, I
haven't had the chance to upgrade to 0.3.2 yet. Thanks in advance.


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