wpa_supplicant + hostap -- won't associate with open APs.

Tony Espy espy at pepper.com
Sat Dec 18 20:01:32 EST 2004

I think I may have uncovered a bug in wpa_supplicant v0.2.5 in 
combination with the hostAP driver.

I'm using wpa_supplicant for associating with APs running WEP & WPA-PSK 
as well as open APs.  I found in my testing that wpa_supplicant wouldn't 
properly associate with open APs.

The function wpa_supplicant_hostap_set_wpa() in driver_hostap.c is 
always called by wpa_supplicant_driver_init().  It always sets 
PRISM2_PARAM_PRIVACY_INVOKED to true.  I've found that this has the ill 
side-effect of preventing wpa_supplicant from associating with an open 
AP ( ie. no WEP or WPA ).  When I commented this line out, everything 

So, I modified the driver_hostap.c code to set the value of 
PRIVACY_INVOKED based upon whether or not a non-empty wpa_ie buffer is 
passed to wpa_driver_hostap_associate().

I've included the diff.


Tony Espy
Pepper Computer, Inc.
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