does hostAP works with prismGT chipset

David Goodenough david.goodenough at
Thu Dec 16 08:35:09 EST 2004

On Thursday 16 December 2004 13:15, Ajeet Nankani wrote:
> Hi,
> I have started working on assignment which involves optimizing handoffs
> in WLANS. This involves working from MAC layer to upper layers as i have
> to consider optimizing handoff at Layer2 as well as optimizing
> Authentication(802.1x based using any AAA server) mechanism at upper
> layer(s). So considering that I think that i have to modify both Access
> Point module as well as STA's driver module, according to my algorithm.
> The situation is that it has been more than a year when i last did
> something in C and C++, so i want to ask two question that how much
> level of difficulty involves in modifying HostAP driver according to
> ones needs and how much approx time would it take to complete that task.
> Also keeping in mind my abilities about C and C++ as average and also i
> have not done kernel or driver programming before and have done only
> application programming in C and C++, then where to start to work on
> this project.
> The other query about the getting hardware, I do have access to few
> laptops, but dont have any prism(2/2.5/3) based WLAN cards. So i think I
> may have difficulty in buying 802.11b cards with prism(2/2.5/3) chipset
> as most new cards available are based on 802.11g, so i want to know does
> HostAP also works on prismGT chipset or not?
No, but the Prism54 driver (which is now included in the current 2.6 kernels)
does support the prismGT chipset.

> Thanks.
> -ajeet.
> Stockholm, SWEDEN.
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