does hostAP works with prismGT chipset

Ajeet Nankani fromkth at
Thu Dec 16 08:15:59 EST 2004


I have started working on assignment which involves optimizing handoffs 
in WLANS. This involves working from MAC layer to upper layers as i have 
to consider optimizing handoff at Layer2 as well as optimizing 
Authentication(802.1x based using any AAA server) mechanism at upper 
layer(s). So considering that I think that i have to modify both Access 
Point module as well as STA's driver module, according to my algorithm.

The situation is that it has been more than a year when i last did 
something in C and C++, so i want to ask two question that how much 
level of difficulty involves in modifying HostAP driver according to 
ones needs and how much approx time would it take to complete that task.
Also keeping in mind my abilities about C and C++ as average and also i 
have not done kernel or driver programming before and have done only 
application programming in C and C++, then where to start to work on 
this project.

The other query about the getting hardware, I do have access to few 
laptops, but dont have any prism(2/2.5/3) based WLAN cards. So i think I 
may have difficulty in buying 802.11b cards with prism(2/2.5/3) chipset 
as most new cards available are based on 802.11g, so i want to know does 
HostAP also works on prismGT chipset or not?


Stockholm, SWEDEN.

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