Two hostap access points in the same computer

Jim Thompson jim at
Sat Dec 11 13:35:29 EST 2004

1) you're using 11a devices, and this is the hostap (which almost by 
definition is 11b in nature) list.
2) somehow you got 30Mbps out of an 11a card, when most of the rest of 
the world can't get more than
     27Mbps though an otherwise stock 11a AP.  Perhaps these radios 
aren't performing as APs.

  Have you deployed 11e or something?

3) You still have interference.   Yes, if S is high enough then the 
link will still work.  But most locales have
	a limit on how high you can take S.
4) Interference is not noise.    Noise is non-coherent.  Still, if the 
S in SINR is high enough compared to I+N,
	then the link will work.    The issue is that without a lot of work, S 
won't be high enough (or rather, I won't
	be low enough.)
5) Assuming your 10 deg antennas are pointed to the 4 quadrants, what 
do you do to service the other 320 deg
	of coverage area?


On Dec 10, 2004, at 10:37 PM, Gunter Burchardt wrote:

>> if they work without interference, its because CCA is being set on the
>> other radios.
>> Otherwise, they're interfering.   If the load is only 10%, then there
>> are just fewer opportunities for interference, thats all.
> I'm using devices with 4 wireless p2p links in each device with 10
> degrees 23 dbi antennas in 5 GHz band (11a). They work with havy load.
> Each link has 30Mbps even there are more than one link active. Ok -
> they could interfere, but this only increases noise. If noise is low
> enought the links works.
> regards
> gunter
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