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Thu Dec 9 07:39:22 EST 2004

It has been my experience that if you simply change the ssid, then change it back, it will stsart working again.  As to WHY, I dont know.  Perhaps it has something to do with power-saving mode or something.  I've seen some older (real old) firmware act like this as well.  Im hopeing someone else can verify or dispute my thoughts, as I have seen the same thing, but it is USUALLY after a period of in-activity.

Good luck


  I have run hostap-driver-0.2.5 on kernel-2.6.2 for several days.
  I use a win2000 system with a Linksys WMP11 card as a client to receive the signal from the ap. 
  On the first night,everything is OK. The other day's morning ,I notice the WMP11 cannot receive 
  any signals form the AP.It seems the AP stopped broadcasting signals.After I restart the AP machine,
  everyting comes back to normal state.And it  works fine till now.
  Is there anyone who comes across the same situation as me?
  Please tell me why.Thanks


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