hostapd cvs 07-12-2004 Broken??

Gunter Burchardt gbur at
Tue Dec 7 08:49:52 EST 2004

> It seems that the current build for hostapd is broken.
> I notice the changes to the configuration file ".config"
> The one of interest to me is for CONFIG_EAP_TLS.
> Im using free radius for external authentication.(EAP/TLS) so want
> EAP/TLS set to n.( because I dont want to use the internal
> authenticator) Is this correct for using freeradius as an external
> authenticatior.? the Makefile requires files from WPA_supplicant.

hostapd works for me with cvs 07-12-2004 with freeradus asexternal
authentication! .config defines only which support is build in hostapd.
You can set CONFIG_EAP=y without using internal authenticator.
hostapd.conf defines use of internal or external authenticator. My
.config looks like (i use freeradius as authenticator):


> In either case hostapd will NOT build standalone
> In order to build hostapd it must now link against WPA supplicant??
> This is different from the previous release. 
> Is this behaviour correct.? 

Its true. At the moment hostapd needs wpa_supplicant directory. It
changed from last release. In old release some code was twice.

I hope i could help


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