modprobe hostap_pci locks up machine

Ka-Hing Cheung kahing at
Tue Dec 7 01:41:16 EST 2004

> She's a Linux newbie, so she enlisted my help.  I put a whole lot of
> printk's in the hostap_pci.c file, and it's locking up during the call
> to HFA384X_INB(HFA384X_PCICOR_OFF) in prism2_pci_cor_sreset.
> The readb(0x2091804c) causes it to crash.
> 0x2091804c == dev->mem_start + 0x4c (HFA384X_PCICOR_OFF).
> I'm at a complete loss as to how to proceed from here.  Any help?

I had the same problem. First, I think hotplug would try to load the
orinoco module for the card, so make sure that you blacklist orinoco
from hotplug. Second, if the machine does lock up, make sure that you
power off the computer and then start it up again, otherwise if you do
a reboot it would lockup when you do a modprobe.

When I first setup my machine, I installed hostap after I played with
the orinoco driver, and it kept locking up whenever I modprobe the
hostap driver. I almost gave up until I found that, upon doing a cold
reboot, everything works.


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