New management sub types

Ilyes Gouta igouta at
Thu May 29 12:05:12 EDT 2003

Hi ! 

i'm adding some code to the actual hostap version
(0.0.3) to do a kind of additional signalization.
Actually, i succeeded in defining and transmitting one
new subtype to the AP by defining a
WLAN_FC_STYPE_ADDTS as 13 (type == MGMT) while in need
two more subtypes in my program .. (i tried with 14
and 15 but i failed)..

the question is, does the prism2 chip performs
additional filtering on frame's type and subtype
before sending the whole stuff ?

Also, where can i find the code related to the
reception of the mgmgt frames when operating in a
managed mode ? (in the handle_ap_item function ?)

Thanks in advance !

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