Limit association to a single AP?

Brian Capouch brianc at
Mon May 26 20:04:10 EDT 2003

I am a bit confused on the way hostp implements the "ap" option.

I'm using hostap as a client, and am in an environment where there are 
lots of APs using the same ESSID and channel (i.e. clueless newbies who 
are running out-of-the-box configuration) and I need to force my card to 
associate only with the "right one."

That appears to be the purpose of the "ap" option, but when I run it I 
see this message logged:

wlan0: Preferred AP (SIOCSIWAP) is used only in Managed mode when 
host_roaming is enabled

Does this mean I'm out of luck?  I'm having a heck of a time using the 
link because my card flip-flops between two of them that appear to be 
coming in at almost the same power level. . .



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