Dual PCMCIA Is Very Slow

Michael Shuler mike at bwsys.net
Mon May 26 14:11:02 EDT 2003

> What kind of antenna setup and which channels are you using?

For testing purposes just the little plastic ones that come with it.  I
really doubt it's a RF issues since we are using channels 1 and 11.

>When building something like this with Prism2/2.5/3 cards, you should
>note that these cards do not support bus mastering/DMA. They will
>require host CPU to do I/O with commands that in practice make it busy
>wait for the data transfer. Unless you have some special hardware to
>resolve this, each Prism2 card will take about 40% of the host CPU when
>transmitting data at full rate--no matter how fast the host CPU is.. In
>other words, three card setup will most certainly not provide similar
>performance as three separate hosts with each using a single card.

If it is only supposed to take up 40% then why can't 2 run at full speed?
When you put 2 cards in a system what throughput do you see when FTPing on
both cards at the same time?  I noticed you now have a Soekris board to
test with, could you try yours and tell me what you see?


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