Dual PCMCIA Is Very Slow

Michael Shuler mike at bwsys.net
Mon May 26 01:24:37 EDT 2003

I have tried hostap with 1 Zcomax 200mw card on a Soekris and ITX boards and
am having pretty good success.  Whenever I put a second Zcomax (or any other
Prism based card) into the Soekris or ITX board, performance goes from
~590KB to 100-200KB on one card and under 100KB on the other.  Is there some
special command line option I need to give the module or some other setting
that needs to be done?  I ultimately want to be able to run 3 Zcomax's off a
single ITX board (3 120 degree sector panels) but I need it to perform like
a single card.  Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
Michael Shuler

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