in hostapd, what are devices wlan0ap and wlan0sta for?

Greg Johnson gregfjohnson at
Sun May 25 21:11:55 EDT 2003

Sorry for the naive question.  I notice that when I compile hostap to
use hostapd (i.e., "#define PRISM2_NO_KERNEL_IEEE80211_MGMT" in
and then run "hostapd config1", and then do "iwconfig", I see the usual
wlan0 device, but I also see two other devices "wlan0ap" and "wlan0sta".

What can be done with those two devices?  What would they be used for?

I've tried a couple of things, like using ifconfig to assign IP addresses
to these devices.  But, it doesn't look to me like they associate with other
AP's.  I can't ping through them, etc.

Are they used for authentication etc.?  How does one use them or talk to them?

Thanks very much,

Greg Johnson

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