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Joshua Wright Joshua.Wright at
Wed May 21 07:57:42 EDT 2003


What version of HostAP are you using?  I believe the netlink usersock method was deprecated long ago.

I have had some success using HostAP to do arbitary packet injection, though I keep receiving ENOGAIN followed by when ENOBUFS when in non-blocking mode and attempting to transmit WEP encrypted packets.  I haven't quite figured out why this is happening, though I'll share what I have for code if anyone is interested.  Injection of management frames seems to work OK, control frames do not work.

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fingerprint: FDA5 12FC F391 3740 E0AE BDB6 8FE2 FC0A D44B 4A73

>   I am trying to use the inject provided by the hostap to 
> send out some
> frames, but every time, the packets will stop being sent 
> after a while and I
> have to rm /dev/nl_usersock and create it again to resume the sending.
>   Anybody have idea what should I do to keep sending out the frames?
>   Thanks a lot.

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