problems when playing with prism2_tx and prism2_transmit_cb

Ilyes Gouta igouta at
Wed May 21 05:19:06 EDT 2003

Hi everybody !

currently i'm rewriting the HostAP hard_start_xmit
function, prism2_tx to perform some traffic
differentiation through queueing .. Here is the basic
idea :

1) instead of sending a sk_buff through prism2_tx, the
kernel calls my function where i store the != ptrs on
sk_buff in queues based on the TOS field of the IP

2) to poll that queues, i added some lines in
prism2_transmit_cb (located in hostap_hw.c) to fetch
my ptrs and then do the effective send by invoking the
prism2_tx function.. (prism2_transmit_cb is used to
report Tx completion and to update the ptr on the next
buffer (the idx stuff) [FIXME])

The modified code compiles fine but when running the
stuff, the system hangs/crashs ... (interrupt context
?, bad spinlocks use ?, ...)

i spent 4 days looking to fix that problem but i
didn't find a clue..

Any help will be really nice !

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