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Raffaele Raf raffaele1963 at
Tue May 20 00:39:07 EDT 2003

Success story 5

The last broken card had everything broken: CIS, PDA,
primary and secondary firmware. Luckily I had a
firmware dump of that card made with Winupdate
(imagedump.hex), so what I did was:

A) flash -legacy -3v -on -i i10003c0.hex 
B) flash -legacy -g -pf -p 8002.pda -spi -hf -3v -on
-d imagedump.hex 

It fixed the CIS, so after this I could run the
procedure in 4 steps above.

If the procedures do not work, perhaps your card works
at 5 volts,
so try to change -3v with -5v.
Try more than once. If the hardware is still good, you
should succeed.

I hope the information above will help someone.

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- Good
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