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Tue May 20 00:35:42 EDT 2003

Success story 4

   Yes, but how could I bypass the 5 volts limitation
   I searched on the USR 2450 motherboard 1 pin
carrying 5 volts, and
   connected this pin to the pin feeding the pcmcia
card at 3.6
   volts. See the picture attached.
When I finished, I powered everything off and
disconnected the pin carrying 5 volts before inserting
the pcmcia wireless card.
After setting the serial port of my pc to 4800 n81, I
could successfully see the openap image booting  from
the sram card. The boot procedure was exactly as
described at
Last issue: the broken pcmcia wireless cards.
With the new flash.exe program I started to do
First I resurrected the dead generic prism 2 card
using the firmware found into the following file:
using the information above. 

Then I resurrected a dead USR 2445 card (coming from
the USR 2450 AP) having broken PDA, primary and
secondary firmware. 
What I did is to perform a "cold programming" not
using at all the information coming from the card. 


1) Find a compatible PDA and change mac add and
voltage if necessary
2) Find a compatible initial firmware (i10003c0.hex). 
3) Find a compatible primary firmware (p10003c0.hex). 
4) Find a compatible secondary firmware(s1010409.hex).

5) Download the latest flash.exe. 

Then run in sequence: 
A) flash -legacy -3v -on -i i10003c0.hex 
B) flash -legacy -g -pf -p 8002.pda -spi -hf -3v -on
-d p10003c0.hex C) flash -legacy -g -pf -p 8002.pda
-spi -hf -3v -on -d s1010409.hex D) flash -legacy -g
-p 8002.pda -spi -hf -3v -on 

And finally check the results with flash -legacy -3v

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