Problem with two PCMCIA cards

David Goodenough david.goodenough at
Sat May 17 04:38:22 EDT 2003

I have a system with two Senao PCMCIA cards, both controlled by hostap_cs.
On this system I need to specify ignore_cis_vcc=1 in order to get the
driver to load and it is specified in the hostap_cs.conf file in 

This system is running Debian sid, with kernel 2.4.20.

When I start the pcmcia system with one card loaded, or I insert an 
individual card, everything works.  BUT, when I try to start PCMCIA
with both inserted one of them (frequently the second one) fails with
the error about GetNext for the next tuple which is supposed to be 
curred by ignore_cis_vcc=1 setting.

Obviously the same configuration files are being used for both cards.

Anyone got any ideas why this might happen?


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