CardServices release does not match

Pavel Roskin proski at
Fri May 16 18:54:51 EDT 2003

On Thu, 15 May 2003, Ricardo Galli wrote:

> Hi Jouni,
> 	that's the error ("CardServices release does not match") I get when
> trying to run CVS hostap with the pcmcia modules compiled from the
> sources (due to a 3c575 not supported in 2.4).
> I've deleted the "return -1" after the version checking in hostap_cs.c and
> it works fine.
> Is there a not so nasty way to solve it?

I've just posted a patch.  It's really short, so I'll post it again,

--- driver/modules/Makefile
+++ driver/modules/Makefile
@@ -11,3 +11,7 @@
 ifeq ($(TOPDIR)/Rules.make,$(wildcard $(TOPDIR)/Rules.make))
 include $(TOPDIR)/Rules.make
+ifneq ($(PCMCIA_PATH),)
+CC += -I$(PCMCIA_PATH)/include

The problem is caused by the recent cleanup in the toplevel Makefile.
Now it compiles the modules by calling the kernel makefile with changed
SUBDIR, the same way as it's done for 2.5 kernels.  The bad thing is that
the additional includes are not passed to the compiler in this case.  The
kernel has its own idea what includes to use.

Since pcmcia-cs includes must go before kernel includes, adding them
to CC is pretty much the only way to fix the problem.  The build system
doesn't allow changing CFLAGS or CPPFLAGS.  All other flags go to the end
of the command line.

Pavel Roskin

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