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Douglas Held wireless at
Thu May 8 11:43:22 EDT 2003


The Senao cards are likely Cardbus, while the working 3com card may be an ordinary 16 bit PCMCIA card.

You should check whether the Senao is indeed (32 bit) Cardbus, and if so, see whether your ISA device handles that somehow.

I hope this is helpful.


At 03:18 AM 5/8/2003, David Goodenough wrote:
>I am trying to use hostap with some Senao cards in an old IBM PS/2E, which 
>has an ISA card which supports up to 4 PCMCIA slots.
>I have installed a Debian (sid) system on it, using a 2.4.20 kernel which I
>built myself in order to get rid of as much of the unused stuff as possible.
>I added to this the pcmcia-source and hostap-source code to add in the 
>necessary modules for hostap.
>Everything built and installed cleanly, and my system now comes up apparently
>When I plug in the Senao card it originally complained about a GetNextTuple
>error, which by googling I found means that I need the ignore_cis_vcc option,
>so I added that and now hostap_cs appears to load cleanly.  But all I get
>is the version message (even though I have set /etc/hostap/hostap.conf debug
>level to 2) in /var/log/messages or syslog.
>However neither ifconfig nor iwconfig can find any new interfaces.
>There is one other network PCMCIA card in the system, a 3Com ethernet card,
>and that is working just fine.
>Thanks in advance for any help you might be able to give
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