Newbie question

David Goodenough david.goodenough at
Thu May 8 06:18:27 EDT 2003

I am trying to use hostap with some Senao cards in an old IBM PS/2E, which 
has an ISA card which supports up to 4 PCMCIA slots.

I have installed a Debian (sid) system on it, using a 2.4.20 kernel which I
built myself in order to get rid of as much of the unused stuff as possible.

I added to this the pcmcia-source and hostap-source code to add in the 
necessary modules for hostap.

Everything built and installed cleanly, and my system now comes up apparently

When I plug in the Senao card it originally complained about a GetNextTuple
error, which by googling I found means that I need the ignore_cis_vcc option,
so I added that and now hostap_cs appears to load cleanly.  But all I get
is the version message (even though I have set /etc/hostap/hostap.conf debug
level to 2) in /var/log/messages or syslog.

However neither ifconfig nor iwconfig can find any new interfaces.

There is one other network PCMCIA card in the system, a 3Com ethernet card,
and that is working just fine.

Thanks in advance for any help you might be able to give


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