ifconfig segfaults while getting up wlan0

Christian Lauterbach lauterbach at creations.de
Thu May 8 08:22:09 EDT 2003

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> On Wed, 7 May 2003, Christian Lauterbach wrote:
> > I encountered a strange problem while trying to setup HostAP on
> > my router. The hostap driver is loading flawlessly while booting
> > the kernel (I used the hostap kernel patch and compiled the kernel
> > with it, messages seem okay, see below), I can also use iwconfig
> > to configure the settings of wlan0, "ifconfig wlan0" also works.
> Most people compile drivers as modules.  It seems that you have compiled
> them into the kernel.  There is a small probability that the bug is
> triggered by this fact.  It would be interesting to see what happens if
> the driver is compiled as module.  Use "modprobe hostap_pci" to load it.

Interestingly enough, it did work as a module (no other changes to the system), 
so it must have somehow been related to that... 
Ksymoops showed the segfault to be occuring in prism2_open() somewhere
(sorry, I don't have the complete text anymore since of course the addresses
are different in the newly compiled kernel and I didn't save the old output
from ksymoops).

Anyway, it's working fine now and I can chat outside on my notebook  :)
Thanks for the help.

    Christian Lauterbach

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