Regarding WDS!

Aditya S Chikodi adityasc at
Tue May 6 23:52:15 EDT 2003


I have a query in regards with the WDS support. We have been working with
the WDS support provided in hostap to increase the wireless reach. We
configure our AP with multiple WDS links and allow it to be functional for a
long time. We have a requirement wherein we need to reconfigure the WDS
links, i.e, delete and/or add new WDS entries [with restriction to 16 in
max]. In this regard, we have been maintaining the Peer AP addresses and the
wireless interface in order to perform the modification. Is there any
provision available through hostap driver and/or through hostap user space
daemon wherein the WDS Entries can be retrieved [i.e, the WDS interface name
and the MAC address of the peer AP] which will allow the modification
[deletion] of the WDS links from the driver withouth the user maintaining
the list of MAC addresses and the wireless interface its been configured

Thank in advance


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