Hostap 0.0.2 ?

Michael Shuler mike at
Tue May 6 15:41:13 EDT 2003

>I'm still unable to duplicate these crashes. I just ran a test of more than
1.5 GB TCP flood using Pentium 166 MHz with Prism2.5 PCI card as the AP and
my laptop with PC Card (Prism3) as a station. Neither host had any problems
and they were able to keep throughput constantly at the expected value.. I
used new station firmware versions in both cards, but I would assume the
firmware version is not the main issue.

 - I usually can't get it to lock up consistently doing TCP or UDP floods
either, it happens for sure when you run an FTP session.  Try FTPing an ISO
(I use RedHat 9, not that it should matter) off a Linux server DIRECTLY
connected to the Ethernet of your AP to a wireless client (mine is an XP
machine running WS_FTP, but IE's ftp does it too).  You P166 should lockup
too since I have talked to several others using P166-200 that are locking might also try forcing the CPU and bus clocks down as slow as it
will go via the jumpers on the motherboard or settings in the BIOS.

I have never used a Soekris board, but maybe I should consider getting one
of those for testing since number of people seem to have seen crashes on it.
Where do you get those boards ( and which models have been
easy to crash? And with which Prism2 version/model?

- If you can't get it to work after trying the above I will be happy to send
you one of my Soekris Net4521's, Zcomax cards, and my software distro on
compact flash.  Contact me off list with an address to FedEx it to.


Michael Shuler

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