hostap 0.0.2 and 2.5.69

Andreas Jellinghaus aj at
Mon May 5 14:36:53 EDT 2003

I added -I$(KERNEL_PATH)/include/asm/mach-default
to INCLUDES, because irq.h needs to find irq_vectors.h.

Also there is a warning:
gcc -I/root/kernel/linux-2.5.69/include
-I/root/kernel/linux-2.5.69/include/asm/mach-default  -O2 -D__KERNEL__
-DMODULE -Wall -g -c  -fomit-frame-pointer -o driver/modules/hostap_cs.o
driver/modules/hostap_cs.c:300: warning: static declaration for
`cs_error' follows non-static

cs_error is also defined in pcmcia/ds.h (part of the kernel headers).


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