Hostap 0.0.2 ?

Pavel Roskin proski at
Sun May 4 20:24:34 EDT 2003

On Sun, 4 May 2003, Eduardo Kaftanski wrote:

> Maybe I can help... I upgraded my motherboard this evening to a dual PII
> and the box started hanging. I upgraded hostap to 0.0.2 and the machine
> no longer freezes, but the hostap driver does, requiring a reboot to
> clear.

Have you tried to reload the driver?  Have you tried "iwpriv wlan0 N" with
N being 0, 1 and 2?  0 is the hardest reset, 2 is the softest.

> I went back to 0.0.1 and a non-smp kernel and the problems are gone.

It would be interesting to know what happens in the other two
combinations, namely SMP + 0.0.1 and UP + 0.0.2.

Also, it's not quite clear when the driver starts hanging.  Does it happen
immediately or after some time?  What amount of time is it?  Do you bring
the interface up at all?  Maybe you could just describe the whole sequence
of events?

> Card is a DLINK-DWL-520 flashed to 1.4.9 and using 1.5.6 via ram
> download.

Perhaps it's unrelated to the problem, but I think you can flash 1.5.6 in
the PCI card using sf010506.hex from

If you decide to give it a try, it still it would be interesting to know
if the problem persists after the upgrade.

Pavel Roskin

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