Hostap 0.0.2 ?

Eduardo Kaftanski eduardo at
Sun May 4 20:00:15 EDT 2003

> The negative part is that I've been experiencing stability problems since
> version 0.0.1, and this still remain on current CVS, I get a full hangup
> when I transfer hundreds of megs at full speed, this problems are seing on
> the AP (I was running CVS as of 20021111, mostly the old 20021012 release,
> which does not give any stability problems) and it seems they are not seen
> as a client.
> I cannot provide any info about the error as the AP doesn't have a console,
> but I can tell you that I'm running 2.4.20, the machine is a Pentium 100
> and the card is a pcmcia with this versions:

Maybe I can help... I upgraded my motherboard this evening to a dual
PII and the box started hanging. I upgraded hostap to 0.0.2 and the
machine no longer freezes, but the hostap driver does, requiring a 
reboot to clear.

I get this in the logs:

May  4 19:30:06 enriqueto kernel: hostap_pci: wlan0: resetting card
May  4 19:32:04 enriqueto kernel: hostap_pci: wlan0: resetting card
May  4 19:33:26 enriqueto last message repeated 3 times

I went back to 0.0.1 and a non-smp kernel and the problems are

Card is a DLINK-DWL-520 flashed to 1.4.9 and using 1.5.6 via ram download.

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