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Sun May 4 02:52:12 EDT 2003

On Sun, May 04, 2003 at 01:38:39AM -0500, Dinesh S Shenoy wrote:

> we are trying to make a log file which will contain details like:
> 1.MAC addresses of stations trying to authenticate and associate with
> hostap(here i am also implying failed authentication / associations) 
> 2.Time of connection of those stations
> 3.Signal strength of those associations 
> and other such relevant information about stations trying to connect to
> hostap

If you are using hostapd (i.e., compiled Host AP driver with
PRISM2_HOSTAPD and are running hostapd daemon) for 802.11 management,
you already have this apart from signal strength information. hostapd
uses syslog to report authentications and associations etc.

If you are not using hostapd, I would recommend considering to start
using it. I'm not going to support new features in the kernel driver
for 802.11 management if there is a reasonable way of doing the same
thing with hostapd.

> as you mentioned about syslog in hostapd, we are able to do it from the
> command prompt but would like to do it when ever an
> authentication/association occurs

hostapd implementation already does this in latest versions. Search for
hostapd_logger() calls..

> this is an aside
> can you explain what does "restart hostapd" means

killall hostapd; ./hostapd hostapd.conf

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