Linksys WPC11...Firmware....

Jerry mrcool at
Mon Mar 31 10:56:58 EST 2003

I have 2 older linksys wpc11 whick use prism2.5...  i found a linksys flash utility which ships with 1.4.2...  silly me.  It will flash to 1.4.2, but if i try to flash anything else, it just says that the firmware is already upgraded and stops.  1.4.2 is useless.  i have the 1.4.9 firmware, just no way to flash it.  I have removed the '#' in front of PRISM2_DOWNLOAD_SUPPORT, (and recompiled/reinstalled) but prism2_srec still tells me it isnt enabled...

Personally, i would prefer to non-volitile flash the card, and permanently make it 1.4.9, anyone know another winupdate that works with wpc11 (dlinks doesnt) or perhaps a commandline option for winupdate?  or have onethat isnt married to a particular flash? 

i wouldnt use junk wpc11, accept that is all i have to play with,  rest assured that when in actual use, it definately WONT be linksys wpc11..!!

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