WDS links & P2P mode?

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Maybe I'm off here; but, when you set up wlan0wds# you are setting up a
point-to-point link between two master mode stations. It's two sided, both
ends need to be aware of each other - and there's even the options (though
I've not made it work) for them to 'auto discover' each other.

Once you have your p2p (wds) links established they are present at each
stations wlan0wds# interface. What you do with this interface is at your
discression. Typically (so I assume) most people, myself included, just
want a bigger coverage pattern for their wireless network and just
establish the p2p (wds) links and then bridge across it all. As an example,
I have assign one AP to handle all DHCP for whole net (AP #1). Each AP is
also connected to a wired network and handles routing/MASQ where
applicable. The whole wireless network is in the same /24. 

If you're wanting roam ability; it seems almost essential to stay in the
same network. The only headache is waiting on each AP in the bridge to
learn new location. But, this is nothing, in my experience, compared to
trying to have the host re-aquire a new network address. This usually
causes more problems.

Hopefully this might help -- maybe I'm not understanding what it is you're
hoping to accomplish with the point-to-point

Jeremy R. Geeo

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subject: WDS links & P2P mode?


I'm wondering if it would be technically possible to add a pointopoint
mode for WDS interfaces?  We're using HostAP & WDS to setup a routed
mesh, but each such link currently requires a /30 network, in addition to
this I'm trying to make the whole thing zero-conf and assigning addresses
to these links poses a few extra headaches.

Each HostAP router already has 1 set IP address, so it would be great
if we could do "ifconfig wlan0wds0 <local ip> pointopoint <remote ip>".

I realise that the links may not always represent a point to point
connection, but when they're between 2 HostAP routers they can.  If it's
something which would pose major problems implementing then I won't
bother, but if it's relatively easy I might have a go... just trying to
get an idea as to whether I'm wasting my time! :)


Mike Saywell

Southampton Open Wireless Network

  Krombie Networks -- http://www.krombie.net

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