WDS links & P2P mode?

Mike Saywell ms at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Thu Mar 27 05:40:43 EST 2003


I'm wondering if it would be technically possible to add a pointopoint
mode for WDS interfaces?  We're using HostAP & WDS to setup a routed
mesh, but each such link currently requires a /30 network, in addition to
this I'm trying to make the whole thing zero-conf and assigning addresses
to these links poses a few extra headaches.

Each HostAP router already has 1 set IP address, so it would be great
if we could do "ifconfig wlan0wds0 <local ip> pointopoint <remote ip>".

I realise that the links may not always represent a point to point
connection, but when they're between 2 HostAP routers they can.  If it's
something which would pose major problems implementing then I won't
bother, but if it's relatively easy I might have a go... just trying to
get an idea as to whether I'm wasting my time! :)


Mike Saywell

Southampton Open Wireless Network

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