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Aditya S Chikodi adityasc at
Tue Mar 18 22:50:14 EST 2003

Hi Matteo

Answers to ur problems

1)in hostad.c - call to function hostapd_flush(&hapd) (line 1501) fails
with error 'ioctl[PRISM2_IOCTL_HOSTAPD]: Operation not supported' and
'Could not connect to kernel driver'.
I've reported other errors in ioctl function calls ('No such device') that
i have patched by changing ifr_name from 'wlan0ap' in 'wlan0'.
It can be because i'm using an old kernel version (2.4.7) with Wireless
Ext 11 and wireless tool 19 from Jean Tourrilhes???
For hostap to work well u would require kernel version 2.4.18 and above.
Wireless extension 11 is fine. What u would face as a problem in reagrds
with the wireless extensions [which really is not] is missing support for a
few IOCTLs. These IOCTLS are standard IOCTLS used by wireless lan device
drivers including hostap driver. As in ur case, the IOCTL is a private IOCTL
meant and defined only for HOSTAP operation. Thus, Wireless Extensions is
not really the problem.

Solution to the matter is - uncomment PRISM2_HOSTAPD #define in the file
hostap_config.h and then compile and install the driver. Once done, run the
HOSTAPD daemon. The IOCTL problem should be solved.

Note: U need not change the interface from wlan0ap to wlan0. The previous is
required for HOSTAP operation wherein management frames need to be handled
by the daemon in the user space. The driver will register wlan0ap and
wlan0sta as two different interfaces with netif layer when PRISM2_HOSTAP
#define is uncommented.

2)When a station correctly connects with the hostap driver (info in
are correct!), the hostapd does not report valid frame received, but it
seems that it receives frame with address info (SA/DA/BSSID) shifted,
the daemon displays 'MNGMT: BSSID=... not our address' 'MNGMT: DA=... not
our address'(or something similar) and the real ap address is splitted
DA/BSSID printed!!
It's because the function that flush old ap entry does not complete properly
(point 1))? Or because i'm using old kernel??
It seems that the station is transmitting not a valid 802.11 frame (but
for ex. an Ethernet frame), but in this case the station could not be
associated with hostap driver (as i can see in /proc/net/hostap)??!!!Isn't
right??  (The station's running a wvlan_cs driver with iface eth1 on a Senao
Prism2 based card...)
Try out the solution to 1st problem. U may see a difference in the hostap
messages. I presume u have altered the hostapd.conf to suite to ur needs.
Make sure u execute the hostapd [user space daemon] executable with the -d
option in order to dump the messages on STDOUT.


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