Problems with Hostapd

carmat at carmat at
Tue Mar 18 12:39:23 EST 2003

I'm using latest hostap driver and all works fine.
I'm trying to use hostapd and i've got some problems:

1)in hostad.c - call to function hostapd_flush(&hapd) (line 1501) fails
with error 'ioctl[PRISM2_IOCTL_HOSTAPD]: Operation not supported' and consequent
'Could not connect to kernel driver'.
I've reported other errors in ioctl function calls ('No such device') that
i have patched by changing ifr_name from 'wlan0ap' in 'wlan0'.
It can be because i'm using an old kernel version (2.4.7) with Wireless
Ext 11 and wireless tool 19 from Jean Tourrilhes???

2)When a station correctly connects with the hostap driver (info in /proc/net/hostap
are correct!), the hostapd does not report valid frame received, but it
seems that it receives frame with address info (SA/DA/BSSID) shifted, because
the daemon displays 'MNGMT: BSSID=... not our address' 'MNGMT: DA=... not
our address'(or something similar) and the real ap address is splitted between
DA/BSSID printed!!
It's because the function that flush old ap entry does not complete properly
(point 1))? Or because i'm using old kernel?? 
It seems that the station is transmitting not a valid 802.11 frame (but
for ex. an Ethernet frame), but in this case the station could not be correctly
associated with hostap driver (as i can see in /proc/net/hostap)??!!!Isn't
right??  (The station's running a wvlan_cs driver with iface eth1 on a Senao
Prism2 based card...)
Matteo Carlini

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