RangeLAN firmware upgrade

BartOwl bartowl at surfuje.w.pl
Sat Mar 15 05:17:30 EST 2003

Dnia sob, mar 15 2003 o godz. 08:11, Project Manager napisal(a):
> Hi all,
> I have a few old Proxim RangeLAN-DS 8430, originally with f/w 0.7.6 and 
> have tried to use two of them for WDS.

i have the same model, but not yet tried to upgrade firmware nor WDS...

> This time around one of the hostap's worked fine as before, but the 
> other is not able to serve in Managed mode.  It accepts iwconfig 
> commands w/o error, but shows AP MAC addr as 44:44:44:44:44:44 (on 
> iwconfig wlan0).

...and even on my card cometimes (especially when there is either no AP
near enough, or when the signal is very noisy/low)... but when the card
links to an AP this goes away... so I'd advise U to check the link
level... but this could be also foult of the new firmware, in that case
i have no idea, sorry :( (now i use it only as AP, and *win* clients use
some USB cards (robanton))

> BUT, does anyone have a clue about what causing the 44:44:44:44:44 :44 MAC?

it's something like an *default* value, which should change if U
associate to an AP... but i'm not quite sure bout this, because i
haven't used this card in managed mode very often... but it happened
also on the old f/w...

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