[802.1x]how to setup the hostap?

zhang yi bite_tea at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 11 21:49:29 EST 2003

>You might try modprobe hostap_cs.  That'll load the others for you.
I tried modprobe hostap_pci,cause I use pci card.And it did load the others 
for me.
>Did you compile HostAP with the EXTRA_CFLAGS="-DPRISM2_HOSTAPD" flag?
You mean run "make pccard EXTRA_CFLAGS="-DPRISM2_HOSTAPD"? But I think 
that's for pcmcia card.
>You need to make hostapd in the hostapd/ directory, then.
I did do this.Still can not work :-(
Must I make patch which were in the kernel-patches/ directory?

> >     What shall I do?Or anyone has ever successfully finished the same
> > job,please give me your advice.
> >
> > Best regards.
> >
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