kernel panic when client connect

Cornel Iordache seek at
Tue Mar 11 23:03:04 EST 2003

   I have latest hostap version, latest pcmcia and kernel 2.4.19.
I compiled hostap by copying into pcmcia source. Anyway, durring compilation 
I got errors "Kenel PCMCIA already compiled" or so. I did some modif to 
Makefile, and finaly I got it right. When linux boot first I got some like 
unample to map memory card, no high memory available. Doing a pcmcia restart, 
hostap driver loads fine, station on channel 3. When I list using other card 
(ZyAir 100) I found it in list but instant I got kernel panic on linux hostap 
server. Even if I directly try to connect w/o listing AP's I got the same 
kernel panic message.
Pcmcia card used is WL-3550 by Planet (typed xi-300 on the label). On their 
site exists a linux driver (an old version on wlan-ng) should I use it? Also 
firmware was reported to be old, should I upgrade ?

Should I retry compiling pcmcia, kernel, hostap or I can fix it other way?


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