Typical CPU load?

Jason Riedy <ejr+hostap@cs.berkeley.edu> ejr at CS.Berkeley.EDU
Wed Mar 5 23:48:47 EST 2003

And Jean Tourrilhes writes:
 - This has nothing to do with the source code and everything to
 - do with the hardware.

Sorry I was unclear.  I meant I hadn't had time to check the
code for the hardware interface.  Kinda assumed the driver would
be using the most efficient means the hardware makes available.

And Jouni Malinen writes:
 - For example, cards based on ADMtek ADM8211
 - chip use DMA. Getting a working driver for them is a problem, but I hope
 - this will be resolved at some point in the future.

Email to ADMtek actually found a person.  He stated that source
release is under "internal discussion," so there's hope.  The
binary driver floating around is for an old kernel version (2.4.18),
and so is quite useless to me.

Thanks for the responses.  I guess that either I wait for ADMtek
or a competitor, or I give up and get a separate access point.


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