Which PCI Card is Best?

Andrew Langrick andrew at andrewlangrick.co.uk
Tue Mar 4 14:54:50 EST 2003

I know there has been quite a few postings about this but could someone 
tell me which PCI card, or PCMCIA with adaptor, is compatible with the 
Host AP driver.

I have looked at all the web pages, such as:

and many more, I've spent about 2 full days trawling through google. 
The problem is that all these sites are now quite old. Most of the 
vendors seem to have changed the chipset and I don't want to buy a card 
if it won't work.

I have found out that the Belkin F5D6001 ver 1 and the D-link DWL-520 
will work. But the D-link isn't made anymore and I can't find one 
anywhere, and getting hold of a Belkin ver. 1 is difficult.

If someone has bought a card and got it working, from a UK supplier, 
could they let me know which card and where from.

Thanks in advance
Andrew Langrick

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