Compatibility between hostap based AP and Bridge Cisco 340

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Tue Mar 4 09:18:24 EST 2003


This might be dependent on the station firmware of your prism2 card.  If 
it is older than v.1.5.0, it has a documented problem in delivering TCP 

Check the WDS related documentation in README.prism2*checkout*/hostap/README.prism2?rev=HEAD&content-type=text/plain


Javier Simó wrote:
> hello
> I am setting up a wireless network with a Linux+hostap (hostap
> 2002-09-12 version) as root access point connected to the wired network
> and a Cisco Brige 340 series as repeater access point to connect several
> client stations
> When I use the hostap in Managed mode, it can connect properly to the
> Cisco Bridge and to other clients. When I use the hostap in Master Mode,
> the clients that are close to the hostap system can connect to it but
> the Cisco Bridge cannot. They see to each other, the Cisco detect that
> the parent AP is the hostap, it detects the MAC adress and IP address,
> but IP packets don't pass over the wireless link between the bridge and
> hostap based AP. I have well checked configuration of Cisco system and
> there is nothing to do, it doesn't work.
> Is there any compatibility problem between hostap in AP mode and Cisco
> 340 Bridge ? Is there any solution ?
> Thanks in advance
> Javier Simó
> BorgouNET
> Republic of Benin (West-Africa)
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