Compatibility between hostap based AP and Bridge Cisco 340

Javier Simó jsimo at
Tue Mar 4 04:35:48 EST 2003


I am setting up a wireless network with a Linux+hostap (hostap
2002-09-12 version) as root access point connected to the wired network
and a Cisco Brige 340 series as repeater access point to connect several
client stations

When I use the hostap in Managed mode, it can connect properly to the
Cisco Bridge and to other clients. When I use the hostap in Master Mode,
the clients that are close to the hostap system can connect to it but
the Cisco Bridge cannot. They see to each other, the Cisco detect that
the parent AP is the hostap, it detects the MAC adress and IP address,
but IP packets don't pass over the wireless link between the bridge and
hostap based AP. I have well checked configuration of Cisco system and
there is nothing to do, it doesn't work.

Is there any compatibility problem between hostap in AP mode and Cisco
340 Bridge ? Is there any solution ?

Thanks in advance

Javier Simó
Republic of Benin (West-Africa)

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