802.11a with prism2 based pci adapter - possible?

Wally Wallace wally at wallywallace.com
Tue Mar 4 03:36:35 EST 2003

I am setting up a mythtv set top system that currently barely plays
movies off my server via 802.11b. I want to switch to 802.11a to handle
the bandwidth. I have an intersil prism2 card I bought as a us robotics
branded pci adapter/pc card combo. I pulled out the pc card and have it
running in my laptop. Can i use the adapter as a bridge and plugin my
802.11a pc card. The 802.11a card is supported and will work from my
laptop, but I want to stick it in a pci adapter in my mini-itx set top
box. So could i someone use the pci card the prism2 combo came with and
put a different pc card in it? I hope this makes sense.

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