Can I upgade firmware PRI:1.1.1/STA:1.5.6 on DWL-520

James Harper james.harper at
Mon Mar 3 17:40:29 EST 2003

Craig Foster wrote:

>If my memory serves me, 1.3.4 was a fairly good firmware.  Whatever problem 
>you are having, my guess is that it is not firmware related.  But it's worh 
>trying a firmware upgrade, I suppose.
my dlink card worked okay for a while, but would randomly have next to 
no range (3 feet max). even in that range there would be mass packet 
corruption, the syslog messages would should MAC addresses with one or 
more bits corrupt.

I upgraded to 1.4.9 and it works fine even right down the other end of 
my house. (my house has a steel frame and even the cordless phone gets a 
bit fuzzy down the other end.)

I haven't tried 1.5.6 yet, i don't have a windoze machine at home i can 
flash it in so it's a pain to do, and as they say... if it ain't broke...


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